I always dreamt of using my voice as a creative tool but … I never thought I could be a singer, giving up that dream. Being a dubbing artist seemed too tough and far from realistic, so I gave up that one too. I was not aware it was in fact an essential part of me, a big talent I had, until I decided to change my life upside down, going for a long trip alone and getting to know myself better.

Lucky me, I had an angel who showed me that Voice Over was an immense universe. He was a very good friend and he opened this world to me. He is a passionate about voice over, being an experienced voice over artist himself. He taught me so many things and guided me without asking anything in return. And that’s why I will always call him “My VO angel”. Everything I learnt from him and thanks to him I want to share with you.

From his help and from experience I learnt it is possible to make the dream come true. These are the 10 essential steps :

  1. Believe you can make it. TRUST in your talent.
    It’s normal to ask yourself:
    Am I able to do that?
    Am I good enough?
    Is my voice special enough?
    Yes, you are able. Yes you are more than good. Yes, your voice is special.
    Talent works being enthusiastic and working hard, very hard, keeping your mind focused.


  1. Plan your STRATEGY. It doesn’t matter the situation you are in currently, whether you want to change your job, you were fired or you are unemployed and searching for better options. If you feel the enthusiasm about Voice acting and Voice over, plan your next steps both financially, time-wise and energy-wise. Organize yourself and make it happen. You can do anything you really want to (even if it feels unlikely now).


  1. TRAINING, training, training. Essential for your career. Learn as much as you can, search for the best training you can find and pay. Invest as much time as you can in getting a good training. Work on it every day, start listening to all the voices around you and practice.


  1. PRACTICE, practice, practice. This is something that will come with you throughout your entire career. Practice is your Master, the best one. Keep on practicing restlessly.


  1. You need a VOCAL COACH to help you evolving, understanding your vocal range, making it stronger and wider with time and practice. A vocal coach is key for your success and again, you will keep it your entire career.


  1. Invest in good EQUIPMENT. Nowadays you can have professional equipment for less than 800 eur. Yes, maybe it is a high amount for some of you but it will last many years and will make many gigs come true. Do not buy cheap equipment, it will be audible in your demos and it will definitely hurt your credibility.


  1. Work on your DEMOS with your vocal coach. Do not rush preparing your demos; they are your business card, the chance to impress your potential clients. Take your time and work on different tones, offer different options, be versatile.


  1. MARKETING actions start after your demos are ready. Gather as many contacts as you can, make a massive research and build up an extended data-base. The world is full of international voice agencies, market places, production companies and potential clients. Take the time to gather their contacts.
    Get familiar with tools like Mailchimp, they will help you to send massive mailings in a professional way.


  1. Create your own WEBSITE, clean, professional and simple. Upload your demos and a little bit of yourself.


  1. DO NOT GIVE UP on rejections, do marketing work (a big amount), practice every day, and keep your enthusiasm level as high as possible. Rest, eat healthy and take care of your sleep. Your voice will notice.


It may take a bit of time but you will get there. Promised.

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