The Blog of a Travelling Voice Over Artist



This is the Blog of a Travelling Voice Over Artist. Myself. It combines an endless passion for Voice Over (and its wonderful blessings) with the joy of travelling around the globe.


One of the big reasons why I love Voice Over is because it allows me to combine my job and my passion for travelling. I’ve been a traveller since my teenage years when I started going around Europe. After that, my previous job in textile led me to discover the world and the business approach in every country I visited.


A few years ago, I made my one year World Trip on my own: from the south of Africa to South America, from Hawaii to New Zealand and Australia, from Philippines to Japan and from East Asia to India and Nepal. The most amazing adventure of my life. Today I continue travelling and I share my time in between my base in Europe and my trips to Bali and other connected parts of the world.


My aim in this blog is to inspire you, connect with you and create quality content useful for both beginners and professional Voice Over Artists.

I will give you as much information as my fingers can write about Travelling as a Voice Over Artist. How to make it happen? What equipment is better? What can you expect? There are many of us out there. Here is my grain of sand for you.


Let me just say that I am really glad you are here.

Let’s get started!