Contact me without hesitation and tell me more about your project.


Let’s work together!


In order to establish the rate of the voiceover service, it is necessary to know the answer to the questions on the right.


I can deliver your message in many languages and many tones. Tell me what language you need me to use and the tone you imagine the voice in. We can work together through Phone Patch, Skype or other connection tools.


I work in the following languages:

  • Native Spanish (Castilian)
  • Native Galician
  • LATAM Spanish
  • Fluent International English
  • Fluent European French


* You can also give an evaluation text (4 lines maximum) and I will record it for you free of cost so you have an idea of the suitability of my voice for your project.


    What is the project about?

    Motion design, TV spot, corporate film, web promo, explainer, billboard, documentary, cartoon, audiobook, audio guide, E-learning … Let me know the kind of project you are building.


    What is the broadcast or the audience your message is for?

    TV, DVD edition, radio, cinema, web, business (internal), presentation, youtube / vimeo, youtube pre-roll, social networks … It is important for me to understand who is going to listen to the message.


    What is the length or the words your message contains?

    For information, 150 words = 1 minute, 300 words = 2 minutes, 750 words = 5 minutes, 1500 words = 10 minutes,  and so on.


    For how long do you need to use it?

    1 year, 2 years, unlimited

    María Castro Couce