Get in touch with me and let’s chat about your project!


I’ll be excited to team up and make things happen together.

To figure out the right cost for the voiceover service, we just need some answers on the right side.

I’m versatile in delivering messages in many languages and tones. Tell me the language you want and describe the tone you’re going for.

We can easily connect through Source Connect, Session link, Phone Patch, or other tools that work for you. Looking forward to it!


I work in the following languages:

* Feel free to provide a short evaluation text (up to 4 lines), and I’ll be happy to record it for you at no charge. This way, you can gauge how well my voice fits your project. Let’s collaborate and explore the potential together!

A picture of multilingual Spanish female voice over


What’s the scoop on your project?

Is it motion design, a TV spot, a corporate film, a web promo, an explainer, a billboard, a documentary, a cartoon, an audiobook, an audio guide, or perhaps E-learning? Give me a heads-up about the type of project you’re cooking up.


Who’s going to be tuning in or viewing your message?

Is it heading to TV, DVD editions, radio, cinema, the web, internal business use, presentations, YouTube/Vimeo, YouTube pre-roll, social networks? Let me know who the message is aimed at.


How long are we talking? How many words are packed into your message?

To give you a ballpark, 150 words equals about 1 minute, 300 words go for around 2 minutes, 750 words stretch to 5 minutes, 1500 words run for approximately 10 minutes, and so on.


How long will this venture go on for?

Are we looking at a 1-year run, a 2-year spin, or the unlimited edition?

Reach out to me!

MarĂ­a Castro Couce