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First of all, what is “narration” in voiceover?

Narration is the most popular type of voice work you may find. Narration includes the voice you hear on a documentary, a TV show or an online video. Voiceover narration is all around us. In stores and museums. In Business events and meetings. It is on the apps on your phone. In audiobooks, podcasts and much more.




To summarize, narration projects normally include:

  • Documentaries
  • Audiobooks
  • Meditations and Bedtime stories
  • Audioguides
  • Corporate narrations
  • Industrial and Medical narrations
  • Training videos and tutorials

Finding the best narrator for your message is essential. Firstly, selecting a narrator is not only about finding someone capable and professional. They also have to fit in your brand’s image and message. Secondly, they need to resonate with your target audience. In conclusion, take your time when selecting the voice for your message.


How to choose the best Voiceover Artist for your Narration project?

  • Consider your project carefully. If your project would be a voice, which one would it be, for instance?
  • Similarly, narrator voice is important: decide what kind of voice you need
  • What is your target audience? Think about them and what they expect in terms of communication
  • Contact different artists. Listen to their Demos
  • Ask for a short demo if needed


Are you working on a Narration project in French? Do you need a professional, warm, informative narrator female voice for it? Listen to my demos, my voice is perfect for: Documentaries, Audiobooks, Audio guides, Storytelling, Corporate narrations, Industrial, Medical, Training videos and Tutorials.


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