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5 Essential Tips for Succeeding as a Traveling Voice Actor

Being a traveling voice actor is like a rollercoaster of awesome and tough moments. It’s where what you do becomes what you love, or maybe what you love becomes what you do (I’m a bit fuzzy on that order, honestly). When I jumped into this gig, my life got flipped, turned upside down, and let me tell you, no one can really prepare you for it. It’s a challenge that’s hard to put into words. And if freelancing is new to you, well, buckle up because it’s a whole new level. Patience becomes the key as you step into this completely different world.

And speaking of dedication, this career demands big amounts of it. You gotta know it’s a marathon, not a sprint. But here’s the deal: a top-notch voice actor? They’re having a blast doing what they do. Personally, I think getting paid for your passion is like hitting the jackpot of jobs.

It took me a few years to feel like I could strut my stuff as a voice actor while trotting the globe. You can’t just pack your bags and hit the road; you’ve got to feel rock solid in your work before you dive into this adventure. Plus, you need to have all your tech know-how down and be ready for any curveballs that come your way. You’re not your typical digital nomad, no sir. Your job comes with specific needs that you’ve got to factor in. So, let’s dive into five of those needs:

  1. Picky about Your Pad: When it comes to your crash pad, be choosy. Check the noise levels, insulation, ceiling height, and the neighborhood vibe. A friend of mine who’s a voice actor spilled the beans about struggling to record in his dreamy Thai seaside spot. You can’t just wing it anymore. Be smart about where you shack up.
  2. Gear Takes the Cake: Your suitcase real estate? Mostly for your gear. The rest of your stuff? Well, you’ve gotta Marie Kondo that and pack only the essentials.
  3. BFF: Your Porta-Booth: Your recording nook on the go, like the Harlan Hogan Porta-Booth Plus for me, becomes your sidekick, almost like it’s part of you.
  4. Juggling Act: Being a globetrotting voice actor means being on the clock 24/7, and sometimes even more. Clients across different time zones mean you’re always on call. Recording when normal people are snoozing, checking emails like a hawk, and still finding time to keep your cool and give your best – that’s the name of the game. If you’re going this route, do it intentionally. And if you’re unsure, hit me up – I’m here to help!
  5. Stay a While: To make this voice acting thing work on the move, you’ve gotta spend a month or two in each place. Otherwise, the constant setting up and tearing down, finding a place to crash, and getting used to the setup becomes a whirlwind. Trust me, from my experience with and without equipment, less than a month won’t let you soak in the vibe of a place.


So, if you’re setting off on the adventure of being a voice actor while globe-trotting, remember these five tips: choose digs wisely, pack your gear like a pro, be tight with your portable recording booth, be ready to hustle across time zones, and make sure you stay long enough to really savor each stop.

It’s a wild ride, but armed with these tips, you’ve got this in the bag!


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