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Struggling with Time or Focus? 3 Incredible Tecniques

These three tips will help you regain time, energy, and your creative touch in your daily life. Especially if, like me, you feel like there’s never enough time, your workload is overwhelming, or your mind is spinning like a carousel from one project to another.


Ditch the To-Do Lists. Embrace Time Lists: Let’s face it, to-do lists are never-ending. As soon as you check one item off, three more get added. To be more efficient, instead of traditional to-do lists, why not create Time Lists?

Separate your pending tasks and prioritize them. Assign specific time slots to the most important tasks. This way, your mind isn’t constantly worrying about all the tasks you haven’t gotten to because they’re on your schedule. With this method, you prioritize the crucial tasks and avoid getting caught up in smaller ones. Let’s be realistic – we fill the time we have. So, if I have only 30 minutes to respond to emails, I’ll take 30 minutes. But without a set time limit, those same emails could occupy my entire morning. Most importantly, you’ll feel like you’re making progress.

A Time List lets you accomplish more important tasks in less time.


Take Breaks Between Tasks: Research shows that it takes the brain about five to seven minutes to complete and close a task. When you switch from one task to another or from one meeting to another, your brain still carries mental residues from previous tasks, conversations, and meetings. This can overwhelm you and prevent you from being fully present. This lack of presence harms your productivity, your ability to connect with others, and diminishes innovative thinking.

Between tasks or meetings, take a break to clear your mind. Meditation or movement work wonders. Sit quietly for 10 minutes, practice breathing exercises, take a walk around the office, or do some stretches. Avoid talking or using social media – these only add to mental clutter.

Breaks involving movement or short meditations reduce stress while boosting creativity.


Overflowing with Ideas: This is one of the most creative techniques I’ve come across, and it’s incredibly useful. Place a large cube (like a popcorn bucket) on your desk, along with a stack of sticky notes. Whenever an idea strikes you about your podcast, a magazine, a new app, furniture purchase, researching a book, a TV show, etc., write it on a sticky note and toss it into the cube.

No, you won’t follow through with most of these ideas. But your brain loves practicing and receiving validation. Essentially, the more ideas you generate, the more adept your brain becomes at creatively problem-solving and critical thinking. Your brain also craves validation. Jotting down all your ideas, even the most extravagant ones, gives your brain the validation it needs to keep producing ideas. So, when you need innovation and creativity the most, your mind will be prepared and well-trained. That’s why trying to spark innovation only in certain moments doesn’t work. It’s challenging to ask for innovation when you’ve spent hours suppressing it. Give this technique a try and watch the results!

Tossing ideas into the cube unlocks an incredible flow of innovative thinking, helping you work smarter.


These three tips offer practical solutions to the common challenges faced by voiceover freelancers when it comes to managing time and maintaining focus. By embracing Time Lists, taking breaks, and fostering creative overflow, you can enhance your productivity, preserve mental clarity, and excel in your voiceover freelance journey.


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